The power of the words “I am”


I’m sure a lot of you have heard of the Law of attraction, manifestations, positive vibes, etc. We are living in times where people are beginning to be more interested in natural laws, divine manifestations and where science is also jumping on the bandwagon of spiritual awakening.

I’ve always been very interested in the mind and how it works. Isn’t amazing that thoughts are a “thing” but not a tangible thing? So it’s more like thought is spiritual… Thoughts are very powerful and so are words. When someone says “I Am”, he assumes his role as creator, he gives an order to the Ether or Universal Substance so that his desires are manifested. Everything that follows the words “I Am” must manifest and life obeys.

Learning to correctly use the words “I am” is very important. These two words have energy that transforms and has the power to guide our inner intelligence towards a destiny.

“I am not” or “I hope to be” with “I am”

You must begin to train your mind and replace the words “I am not” or “I hope to be” with “I am”.

The great mystic Neville said that “by creating an ideal in the mind, we can identify with that ideal only when we become one with that idea and in this way, we become that ideal.”

It is not important how long you have been stuck in a certain pattern that is preventing you from manifesting your desires, by changing your state of being by replacing these words, as Neville says, you achieve the transformation of your being.

It does not matter if you have had addictions, chronic diseases, bad luck in love or surrounded by scarcity, if you start to apply the correct use of “I am”, you can transform all these problems into the opposite.

The word “I AM” is the creative word in the Universe, used by all the Divine Beings everywhere for that purpose. When a call is made using the word “I AM,” it is a sign to intelligent life to create. LIFE, WHICH IS INTELLIGENT, WILL OBEY YOU. The call demands the answer! It has always been like this!

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