Preparing for an audition

Audition Auditions! The terror! I would always get really nervous when going to auditions. I’m talking about-I needed to use the bathroom every 10 minutes-nervous. Why? It’s fear. Fear of rejection. Then fear makes you forget your lines, rehearsed movements, etc. and bum! You mess up this audition you have rehearsed so long for. In time I overcame this. It takes practice and its completely normal to feel a little nervous, and the more you go on auditions, the better you will get at it.

How to prepare for an audition

Preparing for an audition can sometimes seem like a lot of work but it’s really not. Specially if you love the art of acting.

I did some research and here are some links that will help you greatly.

10 Steps To Preparing For An Acting Audition

6 Steps to Getting Over Audition Nerves

Something else very important when auditioning

I used to go on an audition and dwell on the call back. Not only that, I used to keep my sides with me until I heard back from the casting director or my manager. One day I read something that suggested getting rid of the sides as soon as you are done with the audition and not to dwell on the call back. I started to do this and it sure felt good to do it. Not keeping the sides and/or not waiting for the call back took off the pressure of thinking about the outcome, which in return made me feel relax. Being relax sends out a higher and more positive vibration. A higher and more positive vibration gives more possibilities of a call back.

Some may not believe in vibrations and energy, but trying this wont cost you a thing. So next time you go on an audition, get rid of the sides and forget about the call back. Something magical may happen.

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