Pivo Pod-for some really techy stuff. For me, real fun!!!

pivo pod, I'll try it
Pivo Pod

Pivo Pod Functionality on my Galaxy S8 (yes I have an old phone) is great. App download was quick, (look at Apple Apps reviews here), quick setup directions, very easy to understand, and I was shooting video in under 15 minutes. Being able to clap to take photos from a distance wasn’t a reason I bought it, but instantly fell in love with that function. Looking forward to playing with all the settings.

It’s fun to use. The battery drains quickly in the box. So, prepare to charge it before you need to use it. Size is perfect it fits well in a small had bag and the remote is so slim you can actually take pictures with the remote in your hand and you can’t even tell.

I have have yet to try it on a tripod, but that will be the next thing and I will update this post.

The product is very well made and provides lots of cool features. The different camera modes are so fun! Pivo did really great job creating features like mutltiplying yourself in photos, picture/video cobination, and “around the world” feature.

I hope they open up the ability to shoot photos in Raw at some point.

I made a little video enjoy!

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