New York Comic Con 2018


New York Comic Con 2018

Last week I had so much fun at Comic-Con NYC. I’ll be posting more about this “I’ll try it” soon. For now, let me share that right after this picture I went to eat some good ol’ NYC pizza (well the cheese #ketofam) and after that, while trying to catch an #Uber I GOT HIT BY A CAR!!! ??? Yes literally hit by a car on 40th and 9th. I’m OK. Thank God. Just some scraped knees and sprained foot and ankle (Yes, this is “ok” could have been so much worse). And NO I was not in the costume still (why is this the first thing people ask, some of y’all are funny).

Anywaaayyy… I’m thankful for EVERYTHING. Even things like this. I’m not sure why it happened. I’m in extreme pain today but I’m alive. Every single person that knew what happened last night has been calling and texting and making sure I’m ok. In times like this, you really know who cares and who you matter too. ❤❤❤

I’m grateful. …And ok maybe it would have been a little funny that I still had the costume on when I got hit.

Here’s a video! Enjoy!

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