My trip to Albania.

My trip to Albania was interesting. Many people might not have heard about Albania as a travel destination. You might visualize it as a backward and not a safe place to visit because of its status of a communist country for 47 years and until 1992. However, according to the UK Foreign Office, Albania is one of Europe’s least dangerous countries. It is a rapidly developing, unexplored country with typically good public safety.

I recently visited Albania and spent five days exploring the rich culture, seashores, and food, and It was worth it. We went to the city’s key attractions and attempted to photograph the sunsets. It is a warm and bright vacation spot that combines city life with the seashore.

The trajectory.

I didn’t get a direct flight and had a layover in Germany. My first stop was Tirana, the largest city and capital of Albania. The weather was enjoyable, and the food was excellent. Albania shares borders with Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, and Italy. And their cuisine reflects the influence of these cultures.

Then we headed to Durrës coast and stayed at Prestige Hotel. Everything was breathtaking, and the shore continued to improve as we travelled towards the south. Durrës is the second-largest city of Albania and the main port of the country. It lies on the central coast, just around 30 km west of Tirana. The coastal towns are gradually becoming highly popular vacation spots.

Albania is a little backward in technology. There is no Uber service and cabs are a little challenging to get by, but really not a reason to not come. Albania is spectacular place to visit. For me, it was a refreshing and budget-friendly trip. You can plan a perfect trip to Albania without breaking the bank. More tourists are travelling to the country each year. It will become popular and pricey in the next few years, so plan your visit before that.

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