Living NOW. I’ll try it!


Angie Jerez ParisThis little peace right here is about how we live our lives pursuing dreams and hardly ever really LIVING. I’m tired of it! I’m tired of it AAAALLL!! (Breathe… 1, 2, 3…) lol. Now that that’s out, let me tell you this has nothing to do with my turning 40 soon… Ok it has everything to do with me turning 40 soon, or not.  I don’t know what’s happening anymore in terms of that… Sigh… What I do know is that THIS IS IT. This is life, we need to live NOW. Yes, be careful with your decisions. Yes, have dreams and aspirations. Yes, plan and prepare for the years to come, but in the meantime live your life in the present moment because this is what you’ve got RIGHT NOW.

I’m trying new things. That’s my 40 years old resolution: I will try new things. I will live. I will live now.

Not that I was opposed to trying new things before, but I really feel like fast-tracking this. Is this a crisis? Whatever it is, it has me fired up!!

First thing: Paris. Yup! I’ll try it!

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