Is a man’s height important to women?


tall man short womanOn dating sites it is very common to see men enlist their height among their characteristics. The reason is that women care about this physical trait and some men know it. Apparently, there is the obsessive perception that women generally only want to date guys who are taller than them… well, to me, it’s not just a perception. I prefer to date a man that’s taller than me. Why? I think it’s because as much as we want to be “feminists” and want equality there’s still a side of us that wants to feel protected by our man, and in the crazy mind of the creature named “woman” height plays a part on the “protection”. Ok… maybe just in my crazy mind…

Anywayyyyy, we talked about this on Dejame Decirte.

Check out the video below.

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One Reply to “Is a man’s height important to women?”

  1. Admittedly I avoid tall women. I’m 6ft tall so me meeting women taller than me doesn’t happen often but I couldn’t see myself being comfortable with a woman who could kiss me on my forehead. Lol

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