Grasshoppers, a delicacy I tried.


Would you eat insects?

GrasshoppersThe debate about eating insects or not comes from afar. Some Time ago I read a study recommending to include them in the diet to fight hunger in the world. Why I was reading this article at the time? I have no idea…

The fact is that more than 2 billion people take insects because of the high amount of proteins and minerals they contain, as well as the positive environmental impact of their consumption. On this issue – as in many others – Europe is one step behind the United States. It has not been until this 2018 when the open commercialization of insects (yeah open com-mer-cia-li-za-tion) has been given the green light. In Mexico, they should laugh when reading this news, their cuisine includes millenary dishes with grasshoppers, ants or roe.

I had never, ever, ever tried any insects, but on my quest to try new things I decided to try so grasshoppers. Yup! You read right grasshoppers! I went to ToloacheNYC and tried this -what they call- delicacy food. It was Ok… like crunchy and spicy and like… It was cool.

Did I throw up? Check out the whole video:

And look at this, they even have them in pills!

You know what’s crazy? I used to play with grillos in DR. Like hold them in my hands then set them free. Now I’m out here eating them. Again, I don’t know why I do this myself… I’m going to blame my dare angels for it.

I’m now planning on going vegan, and it has nothing to do with this (it might have pushed me towards though lol). Just planning on living a more clean life and holistic life.

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