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Domino Park in Brooklyn, NY.

Domino Park

My friend Rose had been telling me to come down to Brooklyn so we can bring our girls to a new park: Domino Park. I finally said, “I’ll try it!” The ruins of the former Domino Sugar Refinery, that had been there since the 19th century, is being converted into something that may be like a mall (I’m just guessing here), but before the project is even near completed, they have open a six-acre green space that’s called Domino Park.

We got there at around 4pm on a Saturday. Parking was easy to find on the street. I was impressed by the architecture and the Manhattan skyline view.  In the middle of the park there’s a playground that looks like a small sugar refinery with slides and tunnels, and what the girls enjoyed the most, water sprinklers!

We will definitely visit Domino Park,  Williamsburg, Brooklyn again.  My friend and I enjoyed an afternoon of great atmosphere, view and community, and our girls had a blast!

Some pictures below.


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