Dominican? American? American-Dominican, or Dominican-American?

Dominican American

I’m too American for my Dominicans and too Dominican for my Americans!

I hate being trapped in this bi-cultural crap.

What’s my identity? Go figure out that…

-“Uh, what’s a ‘ke low ke'” asks a yankee, and in DR: “guas gud? mija espanol que tamo aqui.”

-Forgot how to spell in Spanish since I live in the US.

-Can hardly spell in English, never went to school here, I confess.

-Don’t know my way around DR, never learned, was too young,

-Been in almost every US state that’s how I earn..

-Out clubbing in the US? Wanna hear my Latin beats no bs…

-When clubbing in the land of pops wished they only played hip hop.

-Presidente or Bud wiser? Do I really have to answer that? I thought u were brighter…

-Starbucks or Santo Domingo? Starbucks all day, yo te digo!

-What’s for breakfast cafe con pan? Nah I’m good I prefer crunch el capitan.

-What’s for dinner? Macaroni or maybe stew? Nah it’s ok Ill have mangu.

-“American Idiot” says Green day! Y Anthony Santos que hoy se bebe!

So what the hell? Que diablo’ e’? Am I American-Dominican o alrevez?

I was born in the NY, Dominican parents, raised in la isla, and live the State of gardens.

I guess ill always be too American for my Dominicans, and too Dominican for my Americans!

I really hate being trapped in this bi-cultural crap…

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