Are your social media posts insignificant?

Someone once told me that I posted on IG for attention. That I posted with no “purpose”. This really stuck in my head and got me thinking how closed-minded people come to conclusions in their heads and sometimes don’t understand or choose to not put things into perspective. For starters, this person was very close to me, to my heart, and maybe a different approach could have made me see something that perhaps I didn’t see. But no, the comment was degrading   and judgmental. To some extent I really thought about what I was posting on social media and kind of thought I needed to re-evaluate, but no, I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

I post on social media for my personal brand, for my personal “album”, at times for my “diary”, for my “portfolio”. At times to spread awareness and try to extend some important information or knowledge, and sometimes because I just simply feel like it. All of it is ok. The person that told me this believes that what they are posting is to “help” and/or to spread knowledge. I could have easily said  “Well you post for the feeling of recognition and praise”, (which could very well be their motive), but I did not say anything because I understand everyone is different and has their own story, and feelings, and understanding of things. Whatever they do, or post, or want or don’t want is their personal choice, and that is ok.

Choose YOU, be happy. It’s just social media.

If you feel like something in your life, surrounding, etc. is worth posting, post it. In the past I was so worried about what people would say or think if I posted something silly and/or not to the “social standers”. In time I realized that whatever I captured in my flicks or whatever I felt like expressing in any particular moment is what makes me: ME. I don’t need to be like anyone else, neither do you, unless that is something that you really want, and if it is… well then… go for it!

Of course I’m talking about personal social media here. If you work for a company, or are part of a group or institution that requires you to have a particular social media presence, then that’s a different story. For someone like me, that is their own boss, is just trying to have a positive and happy life and my posts and social media presence doesn’t affect anyone else, then why not just be my authentic self and post whatever the hell I want?

So are your social media posts insignificant? Your IG, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media you used posts are not insignificant. They mean something to YOU, and that is more than enough.

Today I want to tell you that you are not doing anything wrong. What gives you happiness as long as you are not hurting anyone is all ok. Post that picture of you horseback riding in a bikini! Or with heels at the beach! You felt good! You felt beautiful! You were proud of yourself! Celebrate you!!!

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