About Me

Angie Jerez, Mom and Daughter                                                          

I am a Latino Actor, Writer, Mother, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist  born of  Dominican parents in Queens, New York. I have garnered more than 20 years of media experience and bring dedication, love, and blunt honesty to everything I do. My desire to perform and entertain began in my childhood, and I have followed that desire into many professional achievements. I was selected the Latina host of Verizon Wireless Vcast, among hundreds of participant throughout the US in a contest search. I have worked closely with Univision and Telemundo production crews, and acted in various films, including Refuge from the Storm starring Michael Madsen.

Outside of media work, I a m deeply interested in entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and travel.  I’m driven to create positive change. In woman, in children, and in our communities. I started blogging years ago hoping to exert a positive influence and assist someone -anyone- in reaching their goals. My mission in life is to educate, entertain, help people, and make them smile.