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Red Carpet Rocks. The new way to bling up.

Our marketing team had sent me an email about a pop up shop they wanted me to attend.  I was like ok… another socializing/networking event that I can go to and either meet a “plug” for something big and/or drink and eat for free.  Little did I know I was …

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Keto Chocolate cake? Yup it’s possible.

I went on a hunt to find a cake I can bake for my “I’ll Try It” session and guess what?? I found this amazing recipe for a KETO chocolate cake!!! Yes, you read it right! KETO CHOCOLATE!  Check out the video and recipe below. Thank me later…  Here’s …

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I'll Try It!Mi Vida

Archery? Yup! I’ll try it.

  For my first official “I’ll Try It” I had a poll on Instagram asking my followers what I should do first: Bake a cake (yes, I never have) or try Archery.  Bake a cake, as weird as it may sound (at least to me), won!  I went ahead and …

angie jerez
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How my trip to Paris ended

Our trip to Paris was wonderful. The city is beautiful with a lot of history and the food was amazing. The people on the other hand are not too welcoming and in a way we felt heavy racism and classicism. Customer service sucks unless you’re at Gucci or any other …